Nick & Jane's Ferry Trip to Bainbridge

Fun evening photos from a recent ferry crossing of the Puget Sound from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and back with Nick and Jane due to marry at the Broardmoor Golf Club soon. I like these types of outings where I'm basically a photographer tagging along on a fun date. This one included a lot of wind, seagulls, beer and colorful sunset. We even almost missed our ferry back to Seattle. 

Maggie & Brian at Bethany and 415 Westlake

A super-chill morning led into a bunch of fun at the Kirkland waterfront where we did some dock photos of the group just before the rain rolled in. Luckily, the rain dried up as we arrived at the Museum of History & Industry in South Lake Union for a few more group shots then we were off to Bethany Church for the ceremony. The evening continued over at the 415 on Westlake with a ton of dancing, cake and a sendoff the blocked the South Lake Union Trolly.