Maggie & Brian at Bethany and 415 Westlake

A super-chill morning led into a bunch of fun at the Kirkland waterfront where we did some dock photos of the group just before the rain rolled in. Luckily, the rain dried up as we arrived at the Museum of History & Industry in South Lake Union for a few more group shots then we were off to Bethany Church for the ceremony. The evening continued over at the 415 on Westlake with a ton of dancing, cake and a sendoff the blocked the South Lake Union Trolly. 

Chloe & Alex

To better learn about Chloe and Alex, I asked them what locations for engagement photos would be meaningful. Fremont was a natural choice as they live nearby and wanted to include some of the local art, the waterfront and some fun structures like the Aurora bridge, the canal, the Fremont bridge and the iconic rocket. We split the session in two and ended the first one with cider sampling at Schilling Cider and then started the second session a few weeks later with burgers and Schiling Cider. Can't get enough of that cider! Looking forward to their 2016 Within Sodo wedding.