Maggie & Brian at Bethany and 415 Westlake

A super-chill morning led into a bunch of fun at the Kirkland waterfront where we did some dock photos of the group just before the rain rolled in. Luckily, the rain dried up as we arrived at the Museum of History & Industry in South Lake Union for a few more group shots then we were off to Bethany Church for the ceremony. The evening continued over at the 415 on Westlake with a ton of dancing, cake and a sendoff the blocked the South Lake Union Trolly. 

Chloe & Alex

To better learn about Chloe and Alex, I asked them what locations for engagement photos would be meaningful. Fremont was a natural choice as they live nearby and wanted to include some of the local art, the waterfront and some fun structures like the Aurora bridge, the canal, the Fremont bridge and the iconic rocket. We split the session in two and ended the first one with cider sampling at Schilling Cider and then started the second session a few weeks later with burgers and Schiling Cider. Can't get enough of that cider! Looking forward to their 2016 Within Sodo wedding. 

Lightroom CC - The wait continues

Adobe's Lightroom CC (aka 6) is now fresh on the scene and as I excitedly dug in with high hopes of new enhancements, I'm mostly disappointed. There are a few tidbits, of course, but for the most part, Lightroom still feels like an ignored project. Here's a quick rundown of what I like and dislike, so far. Bear in mind that I have a state-of-the-art computing system complete with a 4-core i7 4790K cpu overclocked to a healthy 4.7GHz and a pretty nice R9 280X GPU that cleans house with video editing. 

[+] The delay between slider adjustment and image rendering seems to be quicker. Almost instantaneous. 

[+] The panoramic feature is very nice. No more exporting to Photoshop, building a pano, saving then synchronizing LR to find the new file. LR builds it and drops it right in behind the pano files in your LR catalog. 

[+] Export is now considerably faster and for a very obvious reason. With previous LR iterations, the software would serially export one image after another totally disregarding any additional CPU cores you may have. With LR CC, you now get multi-core processing where images are seemingly exported in parallel.

[+] Erasing the graduate filter seems like it would be very useful but this doesn't seem fully baked yet. You can indeed erase, but you can't mask the gradient back in. 

And here's what I feel is missing from the update or is included but missing the mark:

[-] The image export is a welcome development, but Adobe should have taken a page from Apple's FCP rendering engine that checks for UI usage and pauses rendering if the software is currently being used (scrolling, developing, etc). In CC, Lightroom becomes almost totally unusable during an export and you can't (yet) pause the process (why not??). I remember the developers, in person, saying they purposefully hamstrung the export process in earlier versions to preserve UI responsiveness. Now they are at the other extreme. Let's meet in the middle?

[-] Auto Tone is still very inaccurate for portraiture. The current, simple algorithm is simply checking and balancing the histogram without any regard for subject exposure. What's encouraging here is that Adobe has added face detection to the software, but for mainly consumer reasons (tagging people). Take that region data and improve the auto tone by exposing for the face regions. 

[-] No multi-user environment. Take a look at the adobe feedback forums and you'll find a ton of people asking for multi-user support going back half a decade. With the introduction of Lightroom Mobile last year, I had high, high hopes that this a push in that direction. I fully expected LR 6 (CC) to finally allow me to sync my jobs (Smart Previews and 1:1 previews) online for other, authorized users to connect to on their workstations in my office. Seems like the code is already almost there... 

[-] There's still no mechanism for locking files nor archiving jobs. I really expected some way to lock files so metadata and development settings couldn't be altered, at least by LR. 

[-] GPU? My GPU temps don't go anywhere during the course of development. If it's accelerating anything, I don't see it. LR preference show that my GPU is supported. It's modern. 

So what's your experience? What did you expect to see?