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Holly and Matt Marry at the Wonderful Arctic Club

Holly and Matt had recently moved to Manhattan to take on new job opportunities, but these Seattle natives came home to be married at the fabulous Arctic Club Hotel in downtown Seattle surrounded by all of their family and friends. When we first met Holly over coffee in Queen Anne, she mentioned her desire to have photos outdoors around the hotel. As the day approached, we noticed that the Seattle forecast was showing rain (go figure!) so we scouted out locations in nearby Pioneer Square looking for some sort of cover. We found such great spots including the Downtown Waterfall Park, the iron and glass pergola at the heart of old town, the fire station with its classic red doors and the amazing architecture of the Seattle Library.

On the day of the wedding, after giving Holly and Matt an opportunity to see each other at the hotel's stone entrance, we were excited to see the clouds part and reveal the sun. We took advantage of this break in the weather by walking through Firefighter Park. Holly's dress was so long it required each groomsman and groom to keep it off the ground as she lead the pack. At the pergola, we broke out the rented umbrellas and shot into the sun just passing over the historic buildings behind the group.

Back at the hotel, guests took their seats and Holly entered the amazing dome room with her father. Holly and Matt exchanged personal vows and a kiss, then recessed while the guests moved downstairs for drinks and appetizers as the dome room was turned over. When we re-entered the dome room, it was a totally different space. The cake was placed in the center of the room with the head table just about in the same spot as the bridal party stood for the ceremony. After toasts, dinner and dancing, Holly and Matt departed the hotel past their sparkler-waving guests.