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Portfolios are great, but a story is in the sequence of images. In between the weddings and family shoots I post here, I'll toss in some photographer's thoughts about equipment, software and industry. Please add your email to my blog list to receive updates when I add new content- never more than one update email per week. Thanks!  


Venice and Dewayne Engagement Portraits

In this two-part shoot, we first met up at the University of Washington to try and catch the last bits of the cherry blooms. We started out in one of my favorite spots: Red Square. Here, I stood way back to really bring in the awesome Suzzalo library behind them. We also had some fun with the wind which I tried to show in a long exposure. On the way South to the cherry trees, we stopped to draw a big chalk balloon with their wedding date. I had them lay down to try and make it seem like they were floating away with it. We then hit Rainier Vista for the cherries but most of the blossoms had fallen. No worries! It made the gravel paths very colorful and I think it worked out well.

We departed that evening and met up another day at Pike Place Market. The fellas at Seattle Coffee Company made us a latte with their wedding date and initials. Thanks! We got a few shots in the market then went down to the waterfront for some shots of the wheel as the sun set. My favorite is of them together shooting into the sun with lens flare circles. The shoot ended at Kerry Park for panoramic views of the city as the sun went down.

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Sara and Kevin UW and Alki Beach Engagement Portraits

It was great to see Sara again after our initial meeting at a family shoot many years ago. Her mother is a great friend to my wife and me. When Sara and Kevin made wedding plans, they hired us to be their photographers (see wedding here) and we recently got together for engagement portraits at the University of Washington and Alki Beach. The university has been a popular place as of late largely due to the amazing cherry trees and interesting architecture. By this time of the year, however, the cherry blossoms are fading but we managed to find a few remaining colorful trees. We also explored the North side of campus including a few nice, new buildings I've never seen before. Last stop on campus was the spiral staircase on Campus Parkway then we drove to West Seattle for a view of the Puget Sound and city.

I've shot a few engagement sessions at Alki and was recommending the beach area to the north for Sara and Kevin. When the tide is low there is a bit of sand below the rock wall, but we arrived to a high tide. Still, we managed to find an area with sand and a great view of Seattle. Because we were in shade, I broke out my 12" beauty dish with 30 degree spot attachment to add some fill. Champaign ended the session in style.

Here's what my clients thought of their session...


One of my favorite parts of the shoot was when Sean asked us if we were comfortable kissing in front of the camera.  We both quickly answered in the affirmative, although it’s not like we had really ever done it before!  After testing it out, I think we kissed and giggled the entire way through the shoot.  I swear, it felt like my smile was getting bigger and bigger as we went along, it’s no wonder we couldn’t get serious!

Honestly, I know the photos and the experience are things we will cherish for a lifetime!  I am sure everyone says that but Sean truly did capture the love and affection we have for each other, and the partnership that we value so dearly.  It was fun, relaxed, but we also accomplished so much in our session!  That’s a testament to Sean's fantastic professional skill and artistic eye!


Having never done a shoot, I was a little nervous and unsure about what to do once the bulb started flashing.  However, Sean made it so easy, and as soon as we got going it was better than I imagined – even when we had an audience of curious passer-bys in the background!  Sean had some great locations at U of W already in mind and we bounded around campus seamlessly, chatting and stopping anytime an inspirational backdrop caught his eye.  When we got to Alki things got a little loose; before we knew it we were popping champagne on the beach, I was leaping over Seattle and we were gallivanting around in the freezing Puget Sound – enjoying every minute of it!


I can't ask for better clients! Looking forward to their Seattle Maritime Event Center wedding down on the waterfront! Become a 'fan' of Affinity Photography on Facebook to see these and more photos from our fun weddings. 

Allison & Greg Seattle Engagements

Allison and Greg are coming from San Francisco for their upcoming wedding and we met up last weekend to do some portraits. They weren't too familiar with Seattle, but knew that they wanted to include many of the town's icons such as Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and a quick walk through the University of Washington campus. We set the date, they purchased flights and I crossed all of my fingers that the weather would cooperate. Seattle isn't as rainy as people believe but, what we do have is a ton of cloudy, gray and misting days. The weather report for the weekend cycled between 'partially cloudy' and 'rainy'.

I was happy to see that the weather roulette wheel stopped on good weather including a few sunbreaks. Candice and I meet up with Allison and Greg at the corner of Pike and Pine, the center of a busy Pike Place Market. Portraits started with some crosswalk shots across 1st ave out to the Puget Sound including the market sign, then we moved inside the market and finally out to Post Alley.

We left the market and made a quick stop at Seattle's famous Kerry Park to grab a few shots of the city. The view here puts the Seattle Space needle front-and-center and large against the rest of the city. On a clear day, Mount Rainier can be seen off to the right.

Finally, we drove over to the University of Washington campus. The dozens (hundreds?) of cherry trees were in full bloom and we weren't the only photographers. We found great spots in the quad including nice brick paths, more huge cherry trees and some of the campus buildings in the background. To finish off the session, we shot a few areas down by my Electrical Engineering building and Drumhiller Fountain.