Rachel and Will Marry at Semiahmoo

If you've ever crossed the border from Washington into Cananda, you have driven right by the Semiahmoo Resort. To get to the resort, you actually have to drive west then circle north and back east down a thin jetty to the tip. The jetty creates a small saltwater harbor which is nice because you have water on either side of the resort and amazing views of Mount Baker to the east (photo below was taken from the road leading up to the resort). Rachel and Will held their wedding at the Semiahmoo Resort and their reception at the nearby Semiahmoo Golf and Country clubhouse. Their wedding day weather was perfect- sun, blue skies and a nice breeze. Rachel and her girls began their day with hair and makeup at the Semiahmoo Spa while Will took in some football with the guys in their resort suite.

Later in the day, everyone gathered on the large patio only several feet from the beach to the north of the resort. At the conclusion of the ceremony, and after brief family photos inside, we had some time with the two of them around the grounds but then let them catch a breather on the main lobby couch which I photographed (discretely) before moving to the reception site.

We made our way over to the clubhouse to begin capturing some of the great details such as the three-tiered cake and other treats for the guests. Will is a golfer so after they arrived, we had them head out onto the nearby greens. The photographs we captured there clearly display their playful personalities!

Back inside, guests were treated to toasts, fine food and beverage then cake and dancing. A nice final touch was the moon rising above the trees illuminating the sky.


Venue / Semiahmoo / Great Blue Heron Grill
Photographers / Affinity Photography