Raina and Nick Marry on Orcas Island

It doesn't get more Pacific Northwest than Orcas Island which is accessible only by airplane or ferry boat ride. And, the ferry trip up there is amazingly relaxing. We arrived the night prior to the wedding so we would be close by for the next morning's preparations at the Inn at Ship Bay. When Raina was fully dressed in her colors, Nick was signaled to begin the ceremony with his entourage as they walked the path towards the guests to the drumbeats of the Anjuman crew. After Nick and Raina exchanged necklaces, Nick moved to the ceremony tent near the edge of the cliff overlooking the Puget Sound. As eagles looked on, Raina joined Nick and both partook in the various Indian wedding practices. I always love to see how much family becomes involved in these ceremonies: flicking water at the wedding couple, tossing rice and other fun activities.

The guests moved to the main house after the ceremony concluded and I took the newlyweds to the fields nearby to get a few shots of them as the sun went down. Nick and Raina enjoyed dancing with their friends and family to finish the wonderful day.

Between the shots, we recorded film clips and made this movie:


Venue / Inn at Ship Bay
Photographers / Affinity Photography