Sam and Smriti Marry at the Woodland Park Zoo


Sam is another great friend I met while working in a research lab at the UW several years ago. He's passionate about soccer and that's where he met Smriti. Everything clicked and they became inseparable (I know this from personal experience!). When it came time to plan their wedding, they chose Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo because it met their 'open flame' requirement for their Indian ceremony. So, on June 17th, 2006, they set up and decorated a tent just outside of the main food pavilion and guests gathered around for the colorful, lengthy ceremony. I asked Sam and Smriti if they could recall some of their memories from their wedding day:


I was nervous because the pundit delivered the ceremony in Sanskrit and the probability of misunderstanding him was high. In fact, during the ceremony, I briefly set myself on fire when I got too close to the flaming coconut. I also remember the pundit (supposedly) was telling way too many jokes and Smriti's brother had to come over and tell him to wrap it up. I loved that so many people from all around the world traveled to see us become married.


I wasn't too nervous and loved to see Sam all dressed up in the Indian outfits my mummy brought from India for him. I remember Sam didn't want to see me before the ceremony, but I snuck up and saw him anyhow.

After the ceremony, Sam transitioned into his family's traditional Scottish garb and they entered the reception led by a bagpipe player. They finished out the night with Indian food and dancing.