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One Package


Weddings can be stressful. So, with feedback over the past decade from clients, I've found great success through minimizing the amount of options you have to sift through and decide upon. Instead of picking and choosing hours, books, coverage, etc., I have a single, very inclusive and up-front  package: 

  • Learning who you are and how you both fit together so I can taylor your photography. This is done through meetings, emails and one or more pre-wedding photo sessions
  • Scouting your wedding location and reporting back so we have ideas ahead of time - less on-the-fly decisions
  • Planning out the creative parts of the wedding day with you so we know what we want to achieve while leaving room for spontaneity
  • No time restrictions - you are unique! I start when you start and leave after you leave
  • Two photographers for two angles or two locations
  • Photographer helper to connect with your coordinator which keeps me focused
  • Online gallery for easy download and ordering prints and wall art (see it!)
  • A beautiful 12x12 wedding album to hold in your hands
$5000 + sales tax

Let's meet to talk more about all this in greater detail. I have a cozy meeting space here in Magnolia with street parking and big windows. Send me a message to set up a time!


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