Awards, testimonial and bio for Sean Hoyt, Seattle wedding photographer and owner Affinity Photography.

Seattle Wedding Photographer


Expect your wedding story to be romantic, personaloverwhelming, emotional, beautiful, powerfulexciting, creative and a serious amount of fun.

I think your photography should be nothing less.

Storytelling with images requires intuition and preparation to be at the right place at the right time with the right tools ready to capture key elements as they unfold naturally. Your wedding story includes the details you've chosen which defines your combined personalities. Most importantly, the images describe  the bonds between you and your families and close friends as they celebrate along with you. 

I have a ton of fun at weddings and I hope that's obvious in my images. My goal is for you to connect with your wedding photography and remember all of the fun you had on such a great day.  I look forward to meeting you.  -Sean

About Sean: Before photography stole my attention, I programmed robots, built circuit boards and graduated from the University of Washington three times (same field). I have always loved biking and hiking in nature, the pursuit of science, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, game nights with friends, my espresso machine and technology. I've been married to Candice since 2003. 

Sean Hoyt, Seattle wedding photographer


Good Words

The best compliment is a referral from a previous bride and groom. Here's what they say: 

"Sean has an amazing eye, knowing how to catch all the moments we wanted, but also catching some and helping create others that we never would have imagined could turn out so beautiful and amazing. Not only is he a creative photographer, but he is an intelligent one as well, with a profound understanding of his equipment, surroundings, lighting, and medium. Some of the post production on his photos makes them look like they were taken on another world; one full of never ending vividness and radiant colors. Above all, it was simply a pleasure to have him there on our wedding day." -Karen

"Creative, kind, hardworking and the outcome is beautiful photos and great memories of our special day. Affinity Photography is simply the best!" -Sara

"Our photos far exceeded our expectations! Sean captured every moment of our wedding beautifully and he was such a joy to work with. You won't regret investing in a great photographer to capture a day you'll want to remember for the rest of your life!" -Liz

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Bottom right clockwise: Candice runs the operations, Lydia & Kiel are assistant photographers (Ryan also) and Sean at top right. 

Bottom right clockwise: Candice runs the operations, Lydia & Kiel are assistant photographers (Ryan also) and Sean at top right.